The Somerset Group

Kenneth A Finlay
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“There are significant differences in the companies that offer malpractice insurance to doctors in Michigan – from insurance policies, to financial stability, to claims handling philosophy. We’ll inform you of these differences so you can make an educated decision.
This is what makes The Somerset Group stand out from all the others.”
Jill Jelinek
Sales Executive
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“Physicians deserve to have options when it comes to their malpractice insurance. As an independent agency working with many different companies, we have options for our clients. An agent working with only one company has no choice – whether the company actually works for you or not, the ‘spin’ will be that it does.”
Christine Skibowski
Sales Executive
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“Northern Michigan is a distinct environment. I have worked with physicians and healthcare facilities for over 20 years, living in the same community they practice in. This gives me a unique perspective on the needs and challenges that the medical community faces.”
Wendy Hewitt
Account Specialist
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“Hospital’s may only require $100,000 – $300,000 or $200,000 – $600,000, but there are other things to consider when determining what limits are best for you. Take, for example, that Michigan’s non-economic damages are capped at over $430,000 and over $750,000, while economic damages have no cap at all. Choosing the right limits is a very important decision.”
Candy Thomas
Account Specialist
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“We strive to have strong relationships with all our clients. As a result, customer service is a top priority. Whether it’s helping you with an application, providing a cert, or simply answering a question, your complete satisfaction is our goal.”